field technician

Should I Become a Field Technician?
Field technicians use specialized technical knowledge to install and maintain industry equipment. These workers travel to conduct such work on site. Depending on the type of equipment one works with, a field technician may be known as a heavy vehicle or diesel technician, electronics repairer, or computer repairer, among other job titles. Individuals can also further specialize within an industry. For instance, a heavy vehicle and mobile equipment technician may choose to specialize in farm equipment. An electronics repairer may choose to specialize in commercial equipment, such as antennas.

The environment in which a field technician works varies by industry: computer repairers will often find themselves in computer laboratories or office settings, while heavy vehicle technicians may work on vehicles in a repair station or outdoors, on site. Most technicians work on a full-time basis, although some may be seasonal or work part-time, depending on the needs of the company. In January 2016, a median annual salary of $47,972 was reported by for field service technicians.
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